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Jungle Skate Park with Cracko Art Group.

8 Jul


Thank you for inviting me, Cracko Art Group. One of the best nights I’ve ever had. More to come…


Paragliding at Lohan, Kundasang – My dream is to fly… Over the rainbow, so high…

24 Nov

KKMOI.COM takes me out for worms.

3 Nov


19 May

I’ve been up to a lot of things over the week mainly because some friends were in town. As usual, less talk, and more pictures πŸ™‚

This is what I did at CORE, Centre Point. I’m still in pain now. But you know what, no pain no glory! X45 rocks!

Kettle Bell Front Squats, 2 sets of 5.

Overhead press, 2 sets of 5.

X45 wasn’t enough. I continued with Body Jam with Ken the HIP HOP MACHINE!

This is Ken, the Body Jam instructor at CORE 2. You gotta check out his dance moves, mind boggling!

I start sweating just by looking at this picture! The most fun way to work out!

Check out my tight buns. Bahahahahaha!

After that long workout, of course we deserve good seafood! Don’t do what we do kids. No playing with your food.

Pet’s first time eating “siput tarik”. She loved it!

And Henry too.Β 

Kirksman. He’ll train you to the core, at CORE.


The aftermath.

And what better way to end the day with a cold one. And yes, I’m UGLY.

The next day…

Sunset Bar at Shangri-La, Tanjung Aru. How can you not love this view?

The lovely, Petrina.

Henry & Petrina’s trademark sunset picture pose.

Petrina, myself, & Belinda a.k.a. Cheeky.



Off to dinner…


I can never get sick of this Filipino delicacy.

Neither can he.

He ate it like a real man.

I see a bird.

I see another bird.

I just had to. Cheeky was so grossed out.

The day Henry dropped by the Hitz KK studio…

Thanks, dude.

That’s all for now!

We’ve got to fight for our right to eat worms! (Videos Part 1 and 2)

17 May

I am so proud of myself. I hate anything and EVERYTHING that wriggles and crawls! But I did it… I can’t believe I did it.

Thanks to everyone who came to watch me suffer, you know who you are. But out of spite, I’m going to name you one by one; Dinoza, Hitz KK Cruisers (Cheryl, Anne Sato, Maxine, and Shezye), Ily (ERA Announcer), Skuad Era boys, Dahlia, Jackie, Sam Tan, Kirksman, Petrinanana, Sabah Tourism (it felt like a sago worm fiesta with them around, so busy snapping away πŸ™‚ Thanks guys!), and of course to the lovely tourists who couldn’t stop touching and playing with my worms (ok, that didn’t come out quite right, but you get my drift).

And Henry G, a big thanks to you for joining my random adventure. HG is definitely ❀ (I just had to Henners!)

I apologize in advance for the crooked footage. My cameraman, Kirksman, epic fail. Enjoy the videos!

Here’s a better view (and angle) of how we took down the sago worms. Honestly, I’d do it again. Who wants to challenge me?

ALL TOGETHER NOW… EWWWWWWWWW! Girls and boys, you can run off to your parents now and tell them how disgusting I am πŸ˜‰

Let me blow your mind with sago worms.

16 May

So last week was pretty hectic. I discovered my friend, Henry Golding, was in town so I decided to invite him over for some live sago worms. He’s a monster, totally heartless when he chomped those worms down.

Thanks to everyone who came by to show some support. The Hitz Cruisers, Skuad Era, Petrina, Henry Golding, Sabah Tourism, Dahlia, Dinoza, Sam Tan, Kirksman, Jackie Miao, the tourists who cheered us on, and a big thanks to Shamrock for letting us use their venue.

Less talk, more pictures!

Yes, they’re THAT fat!

Mom packed a total of 15 sago worms for me, but unfortunately one died 😦 And the rest died in our bellies…

I look confident here but in all honesty, I was churning on the inside. Gross!! They wriggle out of your fingers! OMG!!!

Cheryl (Hitz KK Borneo English Top 10 announcer) & Kirk were shrieking! Kirk, I seriously thought you were going to chicken out…

Death by teeth. Many of them. All together now… EWWWWWW!

Totally wormified!

Jackie Miao & Dinoza

Check out our sun kissed tans! Love the beautiful sunsets in Kota Kinabalu πŸ™‚

That’s all folks! I’ll be posting the video of our sago worm adventure soon.

My sweet escape to Kuching : 6th to 8th May 2011.

16 May

Kuching is pretty much my second home now. I was there on holiday and this was what I did, in a nutshell;

1. Co-host an online food program called ‘Street Chows’ with Riz Ainuddin, Alison Victor (no, she’s not Jacklyn Victor’s sister. Aly is an avid blogger, check her out hereΒ and my crazy other half, Meng, at fusion restaurant, Jambu. We had such a great time talking about all the food we ate. My dream job =)

Here are some pictures.

Alison & Riz showing off their sago worms (too bad the worms were cooked, no fun Aly!)

The camera crew & director. Funny bunch!

Stir fried sago worms.

Attack of the stir fried sago worms.

Our main course. Black pepper beef (with the famous Sarawak black pepper of course), highland rice with paku pakis, & chicken cooked in bamboo with tapioca leaves & eggplant.

A very refreshing dessert. Mixed fruits, slices of smackingly sweet mango, and Linut (made out of tapioca flour I think. Very similar to Ambuyat).

And we’re done πŸ™‚ Such a pleasure meeting them.Β 

2. DJ Fuzz (Mizz Nina’s DJ & producer) was set to spin on the 7th of May at Terminal 1. This was what went down… Loads of pictures of me… Cause it’s my camera ;p

The friendliest guy I’ve come across in a long time πŸ™‚

We’re good to go!

Shake yer tail feather!

DJ Fuzz, he runs everyday. Respect!

Off to the airport he goes. Till next time buddy!

3. Just for kicks!

My welcome ritual. This is how I greet Kuching, & my crazy boyfriend.

My goodbye ritual. Au revoir, Kuching!Β 

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