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Jungle Skate Park with Cracko Art Group.

8 Jul


Thank you for inviting me, Cracko Art Group. One of the best nights I’ve ever had. More to come…


Thinking About You.

16 Feb

My Latest Obsession : Stencil Art

11 Aug

“A stencil is a thin sheet of material, such as paper, plastic, or metal, with letters or a design cut from it, used to produce the letters or design on an underlying surface by applying pigment through the cut-out holes in the material. The key advantage of a stencil is that it can be reused to repeatedly and rapidly produce the same letters or design.” – Wikipedia

Nuff said. I am obsessed.

The beginning of my love affair with stencil.

So focused.


Line by line, cut it one at a time.

Mr. Pilot

Almost done.



Spray paint. Black & purple.

After all that cutting, tearing, & spraying… This is what you get. I love it!

For the love of art,

I will give you my heart.

D.I.Y. Cupcakes at Boutique Cupcakes, City Mall.

11 Aug

May Wong, the owner of Boutique Cupcakes, invited me over to her shop/cafe last weekend to get dirty with fresh cream, cupcakes, strawberry jelly & icing!

I totally unleashed the creative monster within me. Just check out the photos!

Before everything got messy.

I could eat them all day… Especially Dolce & Banana!


Memang ada gaya…


Chehhh. Biar betul…

The colourful life of Cassie.

Disco Diva & Summer Fling.

If you want to give D.I.Y. cupcakes a shot, read below:

BC First D.I.Y Studio! (Starting on the 1st August 2011)

Now you can DECORATE your own cake & cupcakes!!



6 cupcakes – RM38
12 cupcakes – RM70


5 inch – RM50
8 inch – RM100

Cake base, Decor Icing & Piping Cream are provided in the package!

After finish decorating, you can bring the cake or cupcakes back and share it with your family & friends!

Max 2 person per package

If you’re coming in a GROUP, call and book in advance and we will reserve the area for you & your friends.

Please book our D.I.Y Studio 24 hours in advance! 088 484173


They make cupcakes for Raya too! Check them out, so nice…

Incubus 23.07.2011

9 Aug

I need to let this out of my system! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Okey, I feel better now.

I’ve loved the music that Incubus creates for as long as I can remember. So when I got those meet & greet passes from my friend, Roger (Thank you SO much dude!), I was on cloud 785,468,467.

I got to hug ALL the band members, and they even did the ‘Cassie’ dance with me. Ohhh, I melted.

Here are some pictures from the concert! Enjoy 🙂

Even bought their t-shirt… Tsk.

Rosevelt band, old friends of mine. They opened for Incubus! So proud of them!

A piece of Brandon Boyd.

Look who I found on duty! Ryan, my man!

Rosevelt on stage. Crazy hair & crazy performance!

My best friend. Love her to bits!

Are you saying OH for me, Brandon?

Nick, Rosevelt’s vocalist. He’s got mad pipes.

Terserempak juga dengan band member Stonebay 😀

That’s all! I’m not allowed to show you the pictures I took at the after party ;p

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