Top 10 of What You Should Look For In A Man (or woman. Whichever you fancy).

15 Feb

1. He/She accepts the good AND bad.

2. He/She makes your mom laugh.

3. He/She kisses you when you have garlic AND onion breath.

4. He/She takes care of himself/herself.

5. He/She doesn’t mind getting dirty. Doing housework that is. What were you thinking…

6. He/She has nice teeth. Nice teeth means you will have nice cam-whoring pictures.

7. He/She can cook. But don’t blame him/her if you put on weight from all the eating… And even if you grow fat, you will have more to love! So yeay!

8. He/She doesn’t mind getting wet. In the rain that is… Again, what were you thinking.

9. He/She leaves you notes to let you know that he/she is thinking about you. In other words, a sucker for romance… Unless you don’t like being romanced, then you can scrap this tip off.

10. And finally… He/She makes you laugh. Remember, the way to a man/woman’s heart is not through his/her belly… It is through his/her HA-HA-HA.


And this concludes Cassie’s love-tips.

*I am no love expert. So if anything fails, or doesn’t work in your favour, don’t blame me. ~le wink~


Imagine me giving you love tips with these expressions on my face. Fun times...


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